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Formation & Licensing

Set up a company in UAE 
Setting up a company in Dubai is an effortless task only when you know you have the right information & documents with you.It may be challenging for you to arrange the documents in the format its required , the language and acquiring the same could tricky for you.

So that’s why we help you to ease out the entire process to ensure you don’t missout following UAE rules and preferred language which may be complicated for you.

  • Sponsor/Ownership
    The challenge is to find a trustworthy. It is stated that the UAE local partner will hold 51% of partnership. Pro4You provides you with the reliable and trustworthy corporate sponsorship that ensure 100% operational ownership. This will assure security and complete control on your business.
    People prefer working with us because it gives them peace of mind.
  • Classification of Company
    If you are concerned about the local sponsorship then the option is to set up your business in the free-zone area, where you will enjoy 100% ownership of your business. Also, in a free-zone you do not have to pay any taxes, the process of the company formation is a lot easier and faster.
  • Licensing
    License type depends on the activity of the business there almost 2100 business activities. A license is permission to set up and run your business in Dubai.
  • VISA
    Once the business set up is done you and your employees certainly need to VISA for smooth operation of your business in UAE. Each type of business is allowed a certain number of visas and depends on the office space. You can avail our PRO services to get your employees VISA processed.

We will assist you with every legal step related to setting up your company in the UAE. We will take care of the whole process from submitting the required documents to the government, creating your legal documents, getting approvals, and any other related tasks.

Why Pro4Yuo?
Up to 70% savings

No need to hire inhouse PRO so no monthly expense.

Dedicated Account Manager

We appoint Dedicated Account Manager to work with your company.

Truly Digital

You can perform all major transaction of AMER, MOHAP, DHA, TAHSEEL online.

100% Transparent

Access to invoices and statement of all Government Transaction.

Smart System

Our system helps you avoid fines on various transaction.

No Long Term Contract

Pay as You Go that too for the services, No Subscription Charges.

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